Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have been out of the loop for 6 months. Here's why April 1, 2008 started out as a normal day. I rose at 4:00 am. I read my Bible. I ate my normal breakfast. I showered and dressed for work. I got a lunch together, including a thermos of coffee. I left my apartment at 6:30 am and started walking to the bus stop about 4 blocks away. At about 640 am, about a block away from the bus stop, while attempting to cross the street, I was struck by a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country, which is nearly an SUV. I saw myself get hit. I was thrown about ten feet, and hit the pavement on the femur portion of my right leg. As it turned out, the Tibia of my left leg was shattered, and the Femur of my right leg was severely fractured. Fortunately, a workman who was at the intersection that day, called EMS who took me to Detroit Receiving Hospital. I was in the Hospital 10 days, during which time I had 4 surgeries. I was transferred to a Rehabilitaion Center where I was for 45 days. I lived in an Assisted Living Center for 4 months where I graduated from a wheelchair to a walker; and from a walker to a cane. I am still using the cane, but less and less. Gradually, my life is getting back to normal. God has done a great miracle for me. I owe my recovery to my faith in God; people that prayed for me; my support ;system; and the positive attitude that I carry with me all the time All of us go through adversity at one time or another. It may be in that in building a business, the path to success may be filled wth adversity. It may seem that you are Butting your head against a stone wall. I is in have a positive mindset, faith in God, yourself, and perserverence in plowing ahead that you will eventually SUCCEED!