Monday, February 23, 2009


Keep it simple Stupid! Last week, I prepared and filed my Federal Tax Return. As I've done for the past two years, I used one of the Free File companies on-line to actually file. It allowed me to file my Federal Return for free. About 20 years ago, the agency I work for developed an e-filing program for its employees. So I've be e-filing for nearly 20 year. For many people, tax time is a nightmare. People get stressed out and frustrated when they do their tax returns. But for me, it is a piece of cake. Because I have a simple lifestyle, and the circumstance of my life rarely change much from year to year. I can prepare my own return. One weekend recently, I sat down with pen, forms, and calculator. Even though I use e-file, I still prepare it manually as a draft. When I sat down, with all my forms, figures, and document it took me all of 1/2 an hour to prepare a rough draft which I was able then to e-file on-line. My advise to you is "Keep it Simple and Concise. If your circumstances do change; do some research, brainstorming, planning; asking yourself the question, "How will this affect my Tax Return. If you do need an Accountant, or Tax Preparer, keep yourself abreast of what he is doing. Be hands on. After all you are signing the Tax Return under penalty of perjury. If a mistake is made, you are responsible. The way that this relates to building a business is this. It is important to keep it simple. Every aspect of your business should be simple and concise; streamlined so you can run it on auto pilot, if need be. It needs to be simple so you can teach it to others so that they can duplicate what you've done. It needs to be simple and concise so that you can be on top of it and be in control at all times. What I said about the Tax Return in the first paragraph, relates to your business tax return; even if you have an Accountant, or Tax Preparer prepare your return: you be abreast of what is going on. Take responsibility for your tax return no matter who prepares it. Remember the acronym KISS. KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID REGARDS Thomas Havis (313) 516-6043 CALL AND ASK ME ABOUT MY TWO MINUTE STORY

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Long Term Mindset and dogged Persistence is vital for Success

We must have a Long Term Mindset if we are to find Success, and build something that has lasting value. We live in a day and age that is characterized by the quest for instant gratification. That is why so many people today are sucked in by the people who are creating programs and schemes promising 'Instant Internet Wealth' Many people who are starting to use the Internet to create income from home, are expecting to get rich quick; mainly because of the hype, and scam that is being promoted online, and the new programs which are being promoted every day. This is not realistic. Life isn't like that. Down every avenue of life we journey along we find that in order to achieve anything, it takes time, effort, patience, and determined dogged Persistance. Let me give you an example from my life currently. Over the past weekend I adopted a cat; actually, still a kitten. Spaz is a 10-month old male Maine Coon mix. He looks big for 10 months, his coat is really nice. And I half expect that he will turn into a really nice looking cat. I already had Elsa Goldenbelle. She is an almost 8 year old purebred Norwegian Forest Cat. She is really beautiful, her coloring is a Golden Mackeral Tabby. She has been living with me for 7 years; and for the last 6 months she has been the only cat. Last summer, I lost the two purebred Maine Coons I had due to acute liver failure. Spaz is adjusting quite well. For several hours after I brought him home he was hiding in the pet carrier that I was using to transport him in. But after I coaxed him out, and he started exploring his new surroundings, he has not looked back. The challenge has been Elsa. As I said, she has been the only cat, and has had the run of the apartment by herself. She is still quite upset with the fact that now she has to share her territory, and share my attention. As of today, she hisses at him whenever she sees him. Sbe doesn't want to be in the same room with him. At this point, 3 days or so into the experiment, I could be frustrated, quit, and qive up the hope that Elsa will get along with him. But that would be foolishness. Not only is it still the first week; but I can see the big picture. I know about Elsa. I know about her past, what she has lived with. And I know that she is a quiet laid back type of cat that has a sweet personality. She will adjust. I have faith that she and Spaz will not only tolerate one another, but that someday; it won't be that long either; they will be best of friends. It will take a certain amount of time, love, and patience. But it WILL happen. Anyone who is seeking Success at a home business must have that same determination to do whatever it take, and to patiently work as long as it takes to find the Success they are looking for. This will not happen overnight. Skills must be learned, Relationships must be build, systems must be established in order to have lasting success. That will take a Long Term Mindset, and a dogged, never say die Persistence.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A System, simple and Duplicatible

Today as I was sitting at my desk, doing my Federal Government job, it was becoming clear to me, that to perform the administrative tasks which accompany my job, I use several systems. These systems are so streamlined that I could almost work them with my eyes closed. They almost run themselves. They are so simple that I could teach them to anybody, even a ten-year old child. That is the secret; a system that is streamlined, simple-easy to learn. If you are in business, any business; but especially Network Marketing; you are looking for something that is duplicatible that anyone could plug into and have the same Success which you are having. You want to be able to teach your team how they can reach others who can reach others also. Remember Massive Duplication mean Massive Success. You need a System that is Simple and Duplicatible. Best Regards to your Success Thomas Havis-Detroit, Michigan (313) 516-6043 call anytime ASK ME ABOUT MY TWO MINUTE STORY