Saturday, September 15, 2007


For the last 15-20 years I have been part of the team which has gotten the Tabernacle, and the Church Fellowship Hall prepared the worship services which our church has on Sundays. Of course, we have our worship services, Sunday AM & PM in the Tabernacle. We use the Fellowship Hall for the children's Sunday School Classes which we have during the hour preceding the Sunday Morning worship. We also have classes for the older youth, young adults, and adult in the Tabernacle. On Saturday afternoon at approximately 4:00 pm or later we prepare both building for the Sunday functions. We do whatever cleaning is necessary, do set up work if appropriate, and we prepare the literature for the Sunday School classes, making sure that it is available and set out for use. We make sure that both buildings are prepared and ready for Sunday Morning ; and that we can function without a hitch.

If you are in business of any type; If you work at a regular job; Indeed, at any activity in your life that you wish to be successful, you must plan and prepare. Something that I heard seems to be a Maxim or Truism in this regard "IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAI!! Because I am steering these thoughts in the direction of Network Marketing, and building a Successful Network Marketing Business, I will limit my discussion to some of the planning and preparation that is necessary in building a business from home, More in my nest post,

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Recently, I mentioned that 26 years ago, I was in Basic Training in Fort Leornardwood Missouri for the United States Army. There were a lot of failures I had. I was 28 years old when I enlisted in the Army. Even though I ran Cross Country, and Track when I was in High School, At 28 my stamina wasn't what it should have been, and I found it hard to keep up with the pace of the Company runs. I had a lot of inhibitions that hindered me when it came to the Obstacle Courses, and the Confidence courses which the Unit trained on. When it came to the Fire and Manuever taining, I found myself moving like a truck. I had one of the Company Drill sargents. Sgt Jantzen tell me "Havis, you're not going to make it as a Soldier". And when it came to the Grenade Course, i failed it, and had to be rescheduled to take it over. Finally, I had some type of physical affliction where i feet were swelling up, and i missed a day of marching on them

I had some things that were successes. I managed to qualify with my M-16 the first go-around. I practically aced the "END OF CYCLE TEST on the soldiering skills that we had learned in Basic Combat Training. I managed to pass the Army Physical Training Test (APRT); and I gained the respect and admiration of my fellow recruits.

What made the difference? I NEVER GAVE UP.. This week, some one sent me a story about what it takes to be a finisher. The MORAL is this. If you want to be a Finisher, DON'T GIVE UP!!

This goes Double, Even Triple, if you are trying to build a business. I can guarantee you, it will be a struggle. Nothing in life ever comes easy; Learning all the skillls necessary to talk to people; learn what is necessary to manage your business will all take effort and hard work. Success will not come EASY. But one thing is for sure, IF YOU QUIT. YOU WILL FAIL. GUARANTEED!!! KEEP HANGING IN THERE! EVENTUALLY, SUCCESS WILL COME IF YOU DON'T QUIT.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


26 years ago, in 1981 I was in Basic Training at Fort LeonardWood Missouri. I went to basic training on July 27. We didn't get paid until the end of August. In the Military there is a mid-month pay; and then there is a pay at the end of the month. Of course in basis training, we wait until they get ready to pay us.
If you are in a network marketing company, It is imperative that you know your company's pay plan. Even though It really isn't all about the money, compensation is a mojor part of why you are in Network Marketing. You've got to be able to see how you can generate the residual income that you are looking to generate. How often will you receive a check: every week, month, three months. It is important that you research the pay plan that your company offiers. 'How many people do you need to sponsor to achieves the goals and dreams that you have. Many people that start with a network marketing company don't have a clue'