Thursday, February 28, 2013

Petrus Romanus - The Final Pope!

     Today, at 2:00 pm Eastern Time on February 28, 2013,  Pope Benedict XVI retired.  He will be known as Pope Emeritus.  This is the first time in over 600 years that a sitting Pope has stepped down.  During the next two weeks a successor to Pope Benedict will be chosen by the College of Cardinals.  This may have implications for the end time events, and for the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

     I am not of the Catholic faith; nor do I have any confidence at all in the Pope of Rome,  however, I just read a book about something written 1251 ad by St Malachy called the Prophecy of the Popes.  This man St. Malachy is a seer and a mystic in the same mold as Nostradamus.  He wrote a prophecy where he names the popes, and makes a prediction about each of the popes right up to this day.

According to this prophecy, the Pope after Benedict, will be the Final Pope.  This Petrus Romanus will be who the book of Revelation calls the 'FALSE PROPHET', and introduce the man known as the AntiChrist, that man of sin who will fight against God, and His Christ.   

    So, whether or not you believe in the Popes, and the prophesies about them, this next two weeks will be very interesting, and could have very serve and grave implications for the end of time, and the situation bears watching.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013


       Jesus said, "Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God"

   I once saw a poster for a blood driver which illustrates what Jesus was saying here.  I used to be a blood donor, while I still worked for the Federal Government.  The poster show a couple of new born babies.  Underneath, the caption read:  'These babies may not be yours, but they may be your type.'
But I was struck by the innocence of the children, and was struck  by the awareness that God wants us to become like Children.  We need to have simple child-like faith and trust in God, and in our fellow man.
    To often when we grow up to adulthood, we are stuck on ourselves.  We think we are the Cat's meow, and that we are going to take the world by storm.  However, most often we crash and burn, and fail miserably.   We don't know that We don't know.
    The only remedy, is that we stop ourselves, and humble ourselves and realize that the only things we really know in life is what God says to us, and what the Bible tells us.  Then we can have that faith in God as a child.  This will be pleasing to God and will honor him. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


    Ever since I can remember Spring has been my favorite season of the year.  Every year, I look forward to seeing my first Robin Redbreast which is a harbinger of spring;   I look forward to seeing Tulips, and Daffodils and Crocuses.

   On February 2, which was ground-hog day, Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog from Eastern Pennsylvania, did not see his shadow.  This supposedly means an early spring.  If the ground hog had seen his shadow that would have meant 6 more weeks of winter.  But wait, 6 weeks from Feb. 02 brings us to March 21  which is  the first calendar day of spring.   

   But I've already noticed that the days are getting longer; the Sun's coming up earlier, and daylight last longer.  I've already purchased tulips.  So I am looking for Spring.  Regardless of the weather, whatever punches, winter still has left, and remember I live in Michigan, I am in the Spring mode.

Spring is Coming Soon!

Monday, February 25, 2013


      This past Friday night, I was at the Apple store in Troy Michigan which is in Suburban Detroit.  The previous Saturday, I had taken my computer, which is a MacBook Pro in for service.  The laptop shut down on me, and wouldn't come back up.  The verdict was Tier 4 Accidental Damage. I was careless, and spilled liquid on it.  I was without the computer, an entire week, which is why I didn't do any blog posts Monday - Friday this week.  Anyway, I picked up the computer on Friday.  After I had picked it up, I wanted to buy an extra power adaptor.  I tracked down a salesman who helped me.  As I got talking to him, he told me that he couldn't wait to get off of work in a couple of hours.  I answered, "you'll start the weekend".  He told me, "I have a weekend that is in the middle of the week."   I mentioned to him, "This summer, I retired from my job, and I have a weekend that lasts all week; and my best day is Monday."  

      That is what time freedom is all about. In a book that I am reading, the encouragement was given, "Give yourself a promotion.   That was one of the issues for which I was wanting to work longer.  I was seeking a promotion so I could enhance the annuity on my pension.  The picture came to me since I retired, that I have given my self a promotion. 

     You know, how if you're working in corporate America that you dread Monday, well I feel very fortunate that Sundays and Mondays are my favorite days of the week.

      That is why, whatever stage of life you're at, it is important that you try to attain Time Freedom, as well as Financial Freedom.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


   God, grant me the courage to change the things I can;
and the grace to accept the things I cannot;
and the wisdom to know the difference.

   The above lines of verse are known as 'The Serenity Prayer'.   The Serenity Prayer is used by different '12-Step Programs'  such as 'Alcoholics Anonymous', to help the adherents to these programs cope with the struggles of everyday life, and the hindrances which might prevent these people  from getting free from whatever addiction they are seeking help with.,

   Several years ago, when I was taking a taxing cab ride, I had asked the cab driver how his day had gone.  He told me that the day wasn't bad, and that he wasn't going to complain about it
    I proceeded to tell him that I did not have anything to complain about that day;  in fact, I strive to live with a mindset that I DON'T have anything to complain about, EVER.

    How can this be?  Never have anything to complain about?  Is this just a fanciful, farcical notion?

    Not at all!  I believe that the question is how are minds are programmed and prepared to look at life.

   Let's examine in detail the lines of The Serenity Prayer.  Let's understand that the circumstances that we face in life will fall into two categories:
  • Those issues which we can do something about; and
  • Those issues which we clearly can not do anything about.
The first line of the Serenity Prayer says, "God grant me the courage to change the things that I can"

The are those circumstances in life that we definitely can have input in and we can change and alter these circumstances.  If we face issues that we can change, and refuse to do so, but complain about instead; we are engaging in a fools enterprise.  We are lazy if we are not lifting a finger to work on those issues that we can clearly do something about.  And the complaining that we are indulging in is nonsense!  It will only make us sour and miserable;  not dong anything at all about solving the problem.

     The second line in the prayer, asks God for the "grace to accept the things I can't (change)"

There are those issues which certainly we have no power to change at all.  Those are the circumstances that belong to God.  God has all power, and there is nothing too hard for him.  As for me, I HAVE A BIG GOD. He is bigger than life; and certainly bigger than ANYTHING I will ever face  I will trust those issues which I can't control to my big God.  I will trust his judgement and accept his verdict.  To offer complaints in the light of God's providence and sovereignty in the affairs of men is utterly foolish.

    The final line is the one I chose for the title of my post this evening:  "and the Wisdom to know the difference"  We all need God's wisdom to help us discern and sort the issues that we can and must effect change in; and the issues which we have no power whatsoever to change. We must accept those circumstances, and trust them to the hands of Almighty God.  

   If we can attain this discernment, and sort the issues and circumstances of life into these two categories; and accept the items I cannot change, and work to change those issues which I can, I can have a complaint free life, free from stress, and a HAPPY life. 



Thursday, February 14, 2013



     The energy drink market is huge.  It does $80 Billion annually.  The network marketing company that I am in presently markets an energy drink, and the network marketing  company that I was previously with also markets an energy drink.  Yesterday,    as I was trying to sample an energy drink to someone, they told me "I don't do energy drinks".   As I thought I understood where they were coming from, I said to this person, "This energy drink doesn't make your heart race, and it does not  make you crash, and leave you in a heap upon the floor"  The person I was  talking with looked at me with a smile, and said, "You understand what I am talking about.

    I absolutely knew what he was meaning.  Five or Six years ago when I was with the previous company, I was trying to sample the energy drink that this company had just launched to a friend.  This friend told me that whenever he has tried an energy drink his heart start racing so fast, it seems like it is going to beat out of his chest.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


    As I've said before, I believe that the God of the Bible, and our creator has a special plan and purpose for each of us, that one we as individuals can fill.  And he fitted each of us with: talents, gifts; and abilities, and interests that intersect and correspond with God's plan and purpose for us. When we engage in activities that demand our special talent, the brain releases chemicals which trigger satisfaction as an incentive to continue in this area.  It is a positive reinforcement mechanism that is all part of God's perfect design for us.

    Our unique conglomeration of character, talents, and life experiences and personality merge and spark a dream within each of us.  The more we engage in our strengths, the more crystallized our ultimate vision becomes. 

    With this God given dream implanted on our minds, we become self directed, with less need for motivation from the outside world.  Self discipline comes virtually without effort.

    The sad thing is, most people chose to 'keep up with the Jones' and compete with other, rather than compete with theseselve; kick above their heads, and max out their God given abilities, and talents, never discover who they really area.  They never arrive at their Genius.  They wind up in the wrong race.  And once they have three kids, a second home, and have twenty years invested in their current occupation they feel locked in, and trapped. Sadly,  the majority of these people will never put forth the effort to break out of their prison and discover their true identity.

*The thoughts in this post were taken from the book, 'Success is No Accident' by Tommy Newberry-Chapter 2

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


   In January, 1983, I don't remember the exact date.  However I know that it was on a Sunday, and I believe that it was the day they played the Super Bowl that year.  Yes, there was a time when the Super Bowl was still played in January.  I was on Christmas leave from the Army.  And I was leaving the USA and going to the Federal Republic of Germany for two years, where I would be stationed.  I was flying to JFK in New York, to catch a PanAm  flight over seas.  I remember, suit cases in hand, I was walking them out to my dad's car.  He was going to drive me to the airport. As I was headed out to put the suitcases in the trunk, the thought came to me, "The journey of 1000 miles begins with the very first steps".  Of course, that is not an original saying with me, it was something that I'd heard before, but it was surely appropriate for that particular situation.  
     Oftentimes when we have problems in our live, of whatever sort, they seem insurmountable, like a journey of 1000 miles.  How do we get started on a long journey like that.  The first step on the road to recovery for any type of issue; whether it be substance abuse, anger, health problems, financial debt, etc. is to confront the issue head on and admit that the problem exists.  Don't hide your head in the sand, and be in denial that you have a problem.  You'll not get to first base taking that course of action.  YES, the first step on the road to recovery is to admit and face the fact that you have a problem, and you can't help yourself! 

     And this is especially true when it come to matters of the soul and getting help from God.  The Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel said, "I am not come to call the righteous, but the sinners to repentance"  He also said, "They that are well need not a physician, but they that are sick"  In other words, we must realize that we are sick, before the physician can or will help us.  Jesus also said, " The Son of Man is come to seek and the save that which was lost.    So, we must realize that we are lost before we can be rescued.  
    Once we realize that we are lost, depraved, and on our way to an eternity in the Lake of Fire, and by ourselves we are helpless to do anything about it, we will fight hard to get free, and do what ever it takes to reach to God and the Lord Jesus Christ for help.

Monday, February 11, 2013

MY DAY-February 11, 2013

    Because, I am not thinking of anything special to write, I will recap the day I had today.  I am retired from the job I had.  I am volunteering my time 30+ hours a week Tues-Sat.
Therefore Monday is my day off.  I sleep in until 0900A on Mondays.  I made several calls for my business.  Although, I was unable to interest the first lady, in the business, I got her to try 1/2 case of some product.  The second woman wants to join my business, but she has some financial issues.  I shared some website links with her to look at.  She will call me as soon as her financial logjam frees up.

     I took my little Norwegian Forest Cat to the veterinary clinic for a rabies shot.  They weighed her.  She is 7.5 lbs.  She took the shot like a trooper.  I made an appointment for her to have a Feline Distemper shot at the end of March.

     I started my Federal Income Tax Return for 2012.  I do it online with TaxActOnline.  I can get my Federal Tax Return done for free.  I went as far as I could.  I am having quite an issue with getting my 1099R information that I received from TD Ameritrade. I couldn't locate the paper copy I was sent.  
I searched high and low for it.  No Success.  I endeavored to get on the TD Ameritrade Website.  I had all kinds of trouble getting to the right website, and getting logged in properly.  When I finally did get logged in.  I found that the two browsers that I rely on wouldn't work with the Adobe Reader  
version that I have.  So I could get the pdf of the 2012-1099R to open.  I couldn't even get the Safari Brower, I am using a Macbook-Pro, to work; therefore I had to save, and wait for another day when I can get someone to help me get that information.  

    I called a couple of leads for my business, listened to a business conference call.  I was able to connect with some friends including my sister who emailed me with a tax question.  I did some social networking for my business.

So that was my day on Monday, February 13, 2013

And finally, I put together this blog post.  I will slso email a person who I got started in my business last week

Saturday, February 9, 2013


     'Religion is the Opiate of the People' is probably one of the most famous quotations of Karl Marx.  It comes from the introduction to a work that was never published, entitled,   'A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Right'; Basically I believe the truth of this statement!  This might seem incredible or hard to fathom since as I've stated elsewhere, I've been a Born-Again Christian since 1978, and I view all things in life from a Christian Perspective, and through a Biblical Paradigm.  Of course, Marx, Hegel, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin were atheists which makes this statement hard to believe.  But let's dig in to that term 'OPIATE'  What Marx is saying is that religion gives meaning, hope and comfort to the masses, helping them to cope and endure their oppression by the ruling 'Capitalists' and this opiate brings purpose to the mundane trivialities of everyday life. Karl Marx was mocking belief in God when he made this statement.

       But I contend that there is a much deep meaning here which actually glorifies God in this Statement.  What is an OPIATE?.  An opiate is a substance that subdues the mind, and the decision making faculty and pacifies ones senses.  A person that is under the influence of an opiate has the ability and make rational decisions impaired or severely hindered almost to the point of ceasing to be a functioning, responsible person, and cannot discern reality.

     The term 'religion' , as it is used here refers to the various systems of creeds, beliefs, dogmas used by multitudes of peoples in this world.  God Almighty, the One who created us, put within us a 'God shaped vacuum' that only God can fill.  The fact that the individual masses of people have that longing, yearning and deep craving for a God that they are sure that is out these is the reason for the multiplicity of religions that exist in our world today.  To put it simply, the World's religions are mankinds attempt to reach out to a God that they have deep craving, and longings for.

      One the other hand, Almighty God, the One who created us, knows that humanity is a depraved, and doomed race. He prepared a plan by coming to earth in the form of His Son; Taking our sins to the Cross where he was crucified; and reaching out to lost humanity.  This is not a religion.  This is a RESCUE operation.  This is Salvation for individual Humanity.  And this Salvation only comes through Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  No man cometh unto the Father but by Me"  John 14:6.

     The reiigions of the world act as an opiate, because adherence to these religions deadens the mind and the conscience, and severely hinders a persons moral decision making capability; thus making it nearly impossible for a person who is stuck on, and steeped in religion to ever hear the Voice of God, and to be able to discern reality and make the proper decision of their will which delivers their Soul.

     Remember, Christianity, is a Person, (The Lord Jesus Christ), and Salvation is coming to know GOD, and falling in Love with Jesus Christ.

     JESUS said, "And this is Life Eternal, that they might know THEE, the only True God, and JESUS CHRIST whom Thou hast sent"   JOHN 17:3

Friday, February 8, 2013


    I don't subscribe to the Conspiracy theory of history.  There is a lot of folk that do.  They say that there is a conspiracy behind everything that happens; like what happened on 9/11, or the Kennedy Assassination.  I do believe that Satan, or Lucifer, commonly known as the devil is conspiring to keep mankind blinded, and in darkness so that he can land as many souls as possible in the Lake of Fire.  One method that he uses in doing this is by keeping the minds of men off of the real issues of life by keeping humanity hyped to a fever pitch with the 'current events' which are happening.  The media of today is a puppet of the devil in stoking the paranoia and concern of people.  
     For example:  This week, it was reported that Great Lakes water levels are down, and levels on Lake Michigan, and Lake Huron are at their lowest points in Decades.  On Monday, one of the Detroit talk radio hosts was interviewing a person supposedly in the know about this.  Frank Beckmann, asked the expert specifically twice about how deep, and how shallow these affected bodies of water have become.  And this expert evaded giving specific depths, which indicates to me at least, that this expert was raising the anxiety levels of the listeners by indicating a problem, and not giving too much in the way of specific information.
    Whenever we have a tragic occurence happening in America, like for instance, the shooting tragedy at Newtown Connecticut, the media won't let go of it.  They hype it up by appealing to the anxiety levels of their listeners.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


        In Act One, Scene 3 of William Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet', Lord Polonius makes this statement to his son Laertes:  "This above all:  To thine own self be true, and it must follow as the night, the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man".
       We are told that today, 1 out of every 2 marriages end up in divorce.  Why is this?  In the sacred bond of God given holy matrimony, as I might add, between a Man and a Woman, two people are joined together as one.  People are not staying married because neither one of them knows, and can live with themselves."  How can a person live with another if they've never been in-touch with themselves, and know who they are?
     In the every day flak of this war we call life, it is a daily struggle for the individual to rightly discern who they really are.  We are created by God as special creations.  He has a unique purpose for each person individually.  But it is the Devil's purpose as he is God's, and our adversary, to obfuscate and cloud God's purpose for us so that we will go through life and never discover it.  The devil tries to keep us so off course, that we never discover WHO WE ARE!  We live our entire lives that way, never being in-touch with our real selves.
     Every day, we need to Cry Out to GOD and ask him to show us:

  • Who We Are
  • For Which Purpose did He create us
  • In what Direction should we be headed
   Once we get in-touch with our true selves, we need to be true and faithful to who we are.  We must not allow anything in our lives contrary to what is really us.  And we must not allow, any negative accusations from our adversary, the devil, or any one else debase and put down the picture of who we really are!

    If we are real Christians, our job and mission is to be a light to others so that they can be rescued and saved from the terrible eternal fate that awaits them if they go to the Final Judgement unprepared.  We must be strong in order to be of any use to others.  How can we rescue others when we ourselves are on sinking sand, and under water.  Therefore it is imperative that we discover are true selves; and once we learn who we are, we hold that ground and never give in.  It Is A Fight To The End.

"This above all: to thine ownself be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


     Several years ago, the impression came to me that I should no longer think in terms of being poor, in want, and not having enough to get by.  This corresponds to a short essay that I wrote in response to reading chapter 15 in Napolean Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich".  Chapter 15 is, 'Conquering the 7 Ghosts of Fear'

Below is the short essay:

    Hill penned it right, "We are living in a Universe of Abundance, and Superabundance."  If we are living the the spiritual realm, and walking according to the dictates of faith, we shall NEVER be in want.  We shall always be supplied with what we need (Phil 4:19, Holy Bible) God shall grant us the desires of our heart. (Psalms 37: 4; Holy Bible)

    One of the laws of the Kingdom is and continues to be, "According to your faith, be it unto you", and this works as a 'Two-Edged Sword.  If we are going to dwell and live in the land of High Gas prices, Vanishing Jobs, Financial Depression, Political Malaise, Misery, and just abject negativity, this will be our reality.  We will be locked in.  This reality will track us, haunt us, and hunt us down.  It indeed will be our portion all the days of our lives.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


     Oftentimes we lock ourselves in to unneeded stress and unnecessary misery by taking ourselves too seriously.  We might learn to lighten up and remember that the world is not going to explode; humanity is not going to disappear if our result, or performance, or the eventual reality doesn't meet our expected anticipation; i.e. the picture which we hold in our minds.  We need to have fun, and enjoy ourselves once in a while.  The well-known quote says, "All Work and No Play make Jack a Dull Boy."    Theodor Seuss Geisel, well known to us as Dr. Seuss, said it like this, "I like nonsense, it wakes up the braincells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living;  it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.  Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities."
                         LET'S LEARN TO LIGHTEN UP.

Monday, February 4, 2013



Today was my birthday.  I turned 60 years old today.  Recently, a very dear friend of mine said,  "Tom, we must face the fact that we are 'Today's Senior Citizens'.  I told her, I am not in that mindset.   As time passes, and as we see ourselves getting more years in our resume, we must not let the world's prevailing opinion of age and getting older affect us and our mindset.  We must not accept any stigma attached to the fact that we are gaining more experience, and becoming veterans to this thing we call life.

   There is no reason why you can't approach life with the same enthusiasm, sense of adventure, and the 'joi de vivre' of a person in their early 20's.  Although you live with the reality that you may take life a bit slower, and may take the stresses of life in a far different manner than you would have 20 or 30 years ago, you can still exhibit of the focus and energy of a young person.

    As for me, I will approach life with the mindset that I am only 20 or 30 in my mind in my spirit. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013


       Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying, "Our greatest glory, is NOT in never failing; but in RISING every time you fail."  The HOLY BIBLE, God's Word, says it like this:  "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delighteth in his way.  Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholdeth him with His hand.  (Psalm 37: 23, 24)

     I believe that success, in any venture, is begun with failure.  For when a person begins from scratch, as a novice, he is bound to make some screw-ups which result in that person falling to the ground and encountering failure.  I remember well, in my childhood, when I was learning to ride a two-wheel bike, without training wheels, around the corner of the block that I was circling around was a bush which had thorns or pickers.  Invariably when I would turn that corner, I was prone to falling. And I did, several times, right on that bush with the pickers.  I didn't stay down.  I got up.  The fall, just made me try all the harder to stay on the bicycle.  And it wasn't to long before I was able to ride that bike where ever I wanted to go without falling.  That's the way it is in life.  It is natural to go through rough spots, and at times - failure.   -   
       Failure is not a pleasant thing to go through.  But when we are in the middle of it, it becomes a learning experience.  Our eyes are open wide as we strive to see how the failure happened, and we strive to discover the path to take so that our result will be different.  We become experienced, battle-hardened veterans.  We perform better, more consistently and our failures become a rarer occurrence. So my message is, not to glorify failure, or mediocrity.  Let your failures in life take you FORWARD.  If you FALL, Get Up Again. 

Friday, February 1, 2013


     I served a 4 year enlistment in the US Army from 07/27/1981-07/26/1985.  I went to West Germay in January 1983.  I went there with a group of people that I spent nearly a year with in an intensive language program.   When we got to Germany we went through two orientation.   We had to go through an orientation into the German Community.  Then we had to go through an orientation at the US Army Field Station where we were going to work.  This site was a Military Intelligence site that had a LIVE intelligence mission going on 24/7/365-round the clock.  All together the orientations that we went through lasted a month.  The purpose of this time was to help us to feel that we were part of a team; and to assuage, if partially at least, the strangeness that we all felt of being in a strange culture.
    We are social creatures.  Some of us are loners.  But even loners in the depth of their souls get lonely sometimes and long for companionship.  I put myself in the category of somewhat a loner. I've learned to live with myself I don't mind being by myself.  I live by myself.    Okay, I have three cats as houseguests.   Most of the time I travel by myself, eat meals by myself.  I don't HAVE to be with anybody.  But I am a people person; as contradictory as it seems.   I love to network and get to know others.  So God made us to be team members who can work with, and live in harmony with others.